Gift Card Boxes & Gift Card Holders

I was very excited when I was asked to review this gift card set. Withe this set you get 6 gift card boxes and 6 gift card holders. Both of these items are very well made. These are for either male for female. The colors are very nice and could be used for any occasion. The satin red crimson bow is a very nice touch to the boxes. I would be very happy to receive one of these items for a gift. I would be very proud to give one of these items with a gift card as a gift to anyone. Inside of the box is a place to put the gift card. This area is velvet and had a deep area to place the gift card inside to keep it securely in place. The gift card holder is has the words “A gift for you” printed in gold for that more elegant look. The font for this message is very nice and keeps the elegant look going for that special person. Inside of the gift card holder is a pocket for you to place the gift card to help keep it securely in place. On the inside of the lip written in gold and the same font as on the front is a To:, From: and Amount: area for you to write your information. This is a very nice set of gift card boxes and gift card holders. I would be very impressed to receive or to give this as a gift. #giftcardboxes20160630_022716


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